Monday, November 23, 2009


Below are some photos of me that were taken at various times in my life. I was looking at these photos and wondering where the time went. These were taken over a time span of about 15 years.

It saddened me to look at these because I knew I could no longer go back and be the person in these photos. I have changed and I would like to think that I have taken with me a new and better person. That I have used this time to re-evaluate things and situations in my life taking what was most useful to me and leaving those parts of me that no longer fit with who I have become.

I remember something my mother-in-law said to me years ago when I was in my early to mid 20's. She said that she was an "old soul" and it wasn't until she was in her mid 30's that she found herself. It was her thirst for knowledge and the many books she read that had changed her. I remember she credited the writings of Thoreau, and Hemingway for her new found self and it was shortly thereafter that I started reading books. Most were spiritual and philosophical in nature with two books, The Anatomy of the Spirit and The Heart of the Soul influencing me and starting me on a process that has eliminated what seemed to fit for me and what didn't. Sometimes it meant letting people and situations go by the wayside...but in the end it was what "fit" me and where I wanted to be.

I am sure my mother-in-law did not realize at the time how powerful her words were and the effect they would have on me. I never got to tell her that if it had not been for her "words of wisdom" I mostly likely would not have become the person that I am. It may not be any of these books that start you on your personal journey and it really doesn't matter which ones you credit, only that you are true to yourself.

I look at life differently now. It may not be the way others look at it but it is "right" for me.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.

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