Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Patio With A View

When we sold our home and moved into an apartment in Dallas, we found it very challenging to find a patio that overlooked something other than a parking lot or the window of another apartment until...we found this view. (Click to Enlarge Photo)
This overlooks The Sculptured Garden in our complex and I must say sitting on our patio has never been more enjoyable. With trees nearby, we often see squirrels scurrying around up and down the trees and because this is Texas, our weather even now is barely chilly enough for a sweater or light jacket.

Prior to moving to Texas we lived in the Midwest, the northern most part of Indiana. It was only an hours drive to Chicago, Illinois. The spring and summer months were usually very nice...warm but not like the Texas heat. But come October and until the mid part of May the weather was terribly cold and snowy with more cloudy days than sunny. The snow was the worst part of it. When it arrived (and you could be certain it would) it seemed to last forever with mounds growing as high as our mailbox. Shoveling was backbreaking work as the snow was usually very wet and heavy(the kind that could give you heart attack). So, moving here was like giving candy to a baby. Oh how we loved the heat especially in January when the snow was really just starting to accumulate.

So, when I look at these pictures taken in the last couple days I cannot help but marvel at how green the grass is and how scenic this view of the sculptures are. With this view, I cannot help but to be grateful for the peace and serenity I feel when walking out on our patio and how glad I am to be here in Texas where the winter is more like spring than winter and gloves, snow shovels, and heavy coats are no longer needed to survive an outing. SIGH It doesn't get any better than this for this 50's something lady.

Et Salut


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Well, you do have a lovely view and beautiful warm weather as well. Here in the U.K. we never know what weather we are going to get !! XXXX

My name is Riet said...

HI Kris. Finally I could comment on your blog. I don't know what was wrong but every time the marker was fiddly and leaving when I touched it. Glad that all went well with your moving and that you have a nice place to live near your son and grandchildren. Happy Thanksgiving